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Holy Hanna it’s Hot Out There

Well after weeks of complaining about the cold and the rain, Mother nature has finally given in to our demands.  I don’t know if you’d call this spring because it sure feels like summer out there. With that in mind, … Continue reading

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One Weed, Two Weed, Big Weed, Tall Weed

Unless you live on a golf course, and I mean literally ON the course. You have, have had or will have weeds in your lawn, garden, sidewalk, driveway and anywhere else they can weasel their way in. And when left … Continue reading

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Old Man Winter Is On His Way

He’s like one of those pesky relatives that comes to stay a while, it’s nice at the beginning and then it just gets messy… While the snow bunnies are rejoicing the rest of us are dreading that fluffy white stuff.  … Continue reading

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Irrigation Design

It is always gratifying when a client decides to do things right, and follow direction. Albert wanted to install an irrigation system, but in typical fashion was going to hay wire things together. He asked for advise and decided that … Continue reading

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