Holy Hanna it’s Hot Out There

Well after weeks of complaining about the cold and the rain, Mother nature has finally given in to our demands.  I don’t know if you’d call this spring because it sure feels like summer out there.

With that in mind, yes the sun will make flowers bloom and grass thick and lush. It will also (unfortunately)  mean you need to water more. ( Did you just cringe? I did.) If you are like me then you are not an early riser and are fairly forgetful. So watering later in the evening when the sun begins to set and everything begins to cool off is the ideal time for you to water.

Just before or after dinner you step outside to turn on your sprinklers with the intention of giving your lawn and garden a nice little shower.

Unfortunately that show on TV, that next chapter of a new book or phone call with a friend distracted you. Just long enough that you forget what you were doing until over an hour has passed. Now, where you used to have a lawn you now have a kiddy pool. And your roses and begonias are learning the back stroke. (I’ve done this tons of times) And that is one mess the Shamwow can’t handle!

The solution? How about an irrigation system?!

Now talk about your life saver! Irrigation systems are actually easier to install then you’d think. With the proper measurements, planning a layout for your lawn and garden is a simple task.

You can also set up convenient little (or big whichever you prefer) drip systems for your flower beds, vegetable gardens, planters and hanging baskets. Drip systems can play a large part in how well your plants grow throughout the season.

Irrigation systems help take some of the stress out of your summer holiday planning. No longer having to worry “Who will water my plants when I’m gone”. Or perhaps that dreaded phone call from the 14-year-old boy down the street that you paid to water your plants calling to say that he had missed watering on the two hottest days of the summer (convenient I know) and now those hanging baskets you’ve been oh so proud of are dead.

So why not save yourself some stress, worry, time and even water! (seeing as you can set up your system to water more efficiently and effectively helping to save you some money on your water bill)


About Briteland

Briteland is your local everything store. We started business in 1984 in Vernon, and because of our friendly staff, product knowledge and versatility we are still going strong 26 years later. We stock products from irrigation, to farm and agriculture supply, feed, home and garden, snow solutions and more.
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