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Bird Control Season is Here

So what can we do about birds invading our gardens and eating all of our produce? The first line of defence are the repellent products, like acoustic motion or repetitive activated devices, bird scare eyes, artificial owls & snakes, scent repellers like soaps, … Continue reading

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Lucked Out?

We really enjoy walking into the house with clients who have rented our Jemma Homes Executive rental home. Brent and family are from Edmonton.  They’ll be here for the holiday long weekend. After saying wow, “this is so beautiful” at … Continue reading

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Chemac’s sales double in July 2011

          It always fun working with a business whose products perform, are good value, and safer that conventional products for the environment and the users. Chemac’s products are being discovered. It reminds us of “instant” superstars … Continue reading

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Geese on the Beach?

We heard about Meeker’s Magic a year ago, but as it is made in Ontario, it is a bit of a challenge to get to BC economically. Our understanding is that the compost product made from Trout farm fish wastes and … Continue reading

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Wet Camping Experience

Our next guests at Jemma Homes just called pleading to book in a day earlier. They’ve been camping in the Shswap and are soaked to the bone, cold and tired of camping. They toured the house a couple of months … Continue reading

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Irrigation Design

It is always gratifying when a client decides to do things right, and follow direction. Albert wanted to install an irrigation system, but in typical fashion was going to hay wire things together. He asked for advise and decided that … Continue reading

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Chemacs Products are winning new customers!

Based on being great value, Chemac’s products are earning the respect of the clients who use the products. We are receiving testimonials, and re-orders daily. We love hearing about how our clients are using the products and their satisfaction with … Continue reading

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