Pots, Soil and Seed!

Well Spring seems like it’s slowly on its way, so why not come down to Briteland and check out our fantastic Garden Center!  We’ve got all sorts of Pots, Soil and Seed for your spring planting needs.  Make sure you beat the last minute spring rush, you know what they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

Dave_BritelandSeedsBriteland has all of your seed needs in mind, and provides a great variety for you to choose from! Here, Dave is showing  a sample of the great selection.

As there are so many types of seeds to choose from, the decision can definitely be hard. Factors such as the type of soil, climate, water supply, etc. come into play and can make the task seem daunting – but have no fear, Briteland is here!

And, just for fun, check out our store renovations, designed to serve you even better than how we did before.


About Briteland

Briteland is your local everything store. We started business in 1984 in Vernon, and because of our friendly staff, product knowledge and versatility we are still going strong 26 years later. We stock products from irrigation, to farm and agriculture supply, feed, home and garden, snow solutions and more.
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