Rub-a-dub, For More Than Just Your Tub!


Let’s talk about chores. Here’s where you may be prompted to high-tail it to searching something infinitely more interesting. Like the latest t.v. reality show – Hairy Bikers anyone? – but bear with me. I don’t know if there are household chores you put off but I have a hunch you do. One of mine is cleaning the bathrooms. Living with three fellas, one big, two teens, ought to deter ANYONE from that.

Oh the spraying, waiting, scrubbing, spraying again because the cleaning product isn’t really working, MORE elbow grease… and the smell!  Generally I find that bathroom cleaners are overpowering with chemical odors. If one cleans the shower or tub in, well, only what mother nature gifted them (it’s easier to get into the corners that way and it prevents wet socks)… being enclosed with the fumes can be a danger. And let’s be realistic, who wants to be FOUND like that; overcome by toxic gases – clothed only in skin – and a gasp where your smile used to be.

Chemac Tub & Tile Cleaner is a Canadian made, economical, eco-friendly, non-corrosive and mildly scented cleaner that REALLY works.  Spray on, wipe off. And you don’t have to use much at all. For 25 years I’ve been scrubbing at tub rings and goopy soap scum and I’ve yet to find a product such as this that requires little or no scouring or re-applying. And I hear tell that it works amazingly well on other things too. Someone in your home a little over-indulgent with hairspray? It can leave a sticky sludge on counters and light fixtures. Chemac Tub & Tile has that covered. Folks with hard water are raving that for the first time in years they’ve been able to easily clean away stubborn stains. Newer home? Maintain bathrooms with loads of glass and marble in their high quality luster.

I don’t think anyone can say that the thought of wiping down bathrooms is high on their list of favorite pastimes but this efficient product is definitely worth a try. Just think of all the time you’ll now have for laundry folding and lawn mowing. Sigh.

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About Briteland

Briteland is your local everything store. We started business in 1984 in Vernon, and because of our friendly staff, product knowledge and versatility we are still going strong 26 years later. We stock products from irrigation, to farm and agriculture supply, feed, home and garden, snow solutions and more.
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