One Weed, Two Weed, Big Weed, Tall Weed

Unless you live on a golf course, and I mean literally ON the course.

You have, have had or will have weeds in your lawn, garden, sidewalk, driveway and anywhere else they can weasel their way in.

And when left alone they can take over. They thrive in almost every climate and spread like wildfire.

Even if you go out and spend hours pulling and plucking out all the weeds you can see. In a few days or weeks there will be more sprouting out here and there. The problem? Their seeds are spread all around by the wind, animals and when you trek on through. Which unfortunately can also mean that if your neighbours don’t try to keep their own weeds under control the seeds from their weeds can blow into your yard causing you more trouble.

However, there are products to help you win the battle!

For your garden if you haven’t already gotten it all well established try laying landscape fabric down to block them from growing through.

Lawns are usually the trickiest to control the weeds in since you obviously can’t see every weed growing. Fortunately a well cared for lawn can smother out a good portion of the weeds. (Think of it like your own immune system. Take care of it and it will do the same for you.) By aerating every spring, fertilizing and watering regularly your lawn will thrive and limit the amount of space for weeds to sneak into. 


About Briteland

Briteland is your local everything store. We started business in 1984 in Vernon, and because of our friendly staff, product knowledge and versatility we are still going strong 26 years later. We stock products from irrigation, to farm and agriculture supply, feed, home and garden, snow solutions and more.
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