Tis the Season to Ponder the Season

The Christmas season is overflowing with sentiment. For some it reads like a tacky greeting card and for others this is a meaningful time. ‘The’ time of year.

The holidays mean different things to different folks. There are those of us who look forward to being together with family and those for whom it’s a behemoth-sized test of our patience. The kids hooting with excitement as they gallop to the tree to see what Santa has brought – great!  A couple days off work – perfect! Grandpa repeating the same old stories and Auntie bringing the jellied salad we’ve all secretly hated for the last 23 years – sigh. Yet somehow the holiday ups wouldn’t be the same without the holiday downs.

It’s hard not to sound cliché when one ponders that maybe it’s a good time to count our blessings. To look for the good in things the best we can. And certainly not to discount the many lonely individuals; the ones who’ve recently lost a loved one, and the ones for whom Christmas is the hardest time of year for deeply personal reasons. Perhaps sharing a plate of cookies with the neighbor or a smile with a passerby will be just the thing they needed to help them face the holiday with a renewed sense of hope in humankind.

We here at Briteland want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your patronage over the years. We wish for you, your family and friends much peace and happiness this season. May you find a moment or two to reflect; put your feet up, take a breath and enjoy the gifts of life.  And may Auntie change up her jellied salad to something just a skootch more palatable. (One can always dream.)


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