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One Weed, Two Weed, Big Weed, Tall Weed

Unless you live on a golf course, and I mean literally ON the course. You have, have had or will have weeds in your lawn, garden, sidewalk, driveway and anywhere else they can weasel their way in. And when left … Continue reading

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Voles, Meet the Black Hole Trap.

Sick of having your lawn and garden looking like this? Try the Black Hole Trap. It actually works. Simply find a fresh mound of dirt that they have kindly made in the middle of you garden, lawn or field. Remove … Continue reading

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Fall Seeding Time is NOW!

Be it a pasture, forage field, or your own back yard, fall is a great time to seed it in! Why? The soils are warm, the water, be it rain or irrigation is warm, resulting in fast germination times. Spring … Continue reading

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Patriot Chipper Shredders

What a great feeling it is when you use high quality tools that work to get the job done. After the home orcharding course, I enjoyed pruning my grapes and peach and pear trees, yesterday in the sunshine. Normally, one would … Continue reading

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Today was “Home Orcharding” course day. Here we take students on a trip through time with the development of the Okanagan Valley orchard industry, why tree fruits grow here, how they grow and how you can enjoy ongoing fruit production from … Continue reading

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We’re starting to get ramped up for spring down at Briteland, and we thought we’d give everyone a quick  heads up.  Become a fan of Briteland on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and receive exclusive “Fans Only” offers. Have … Continue reading

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More Spring Seeds Have Arrived

It is always fun to have a look at the new spring seed selections. Already, folks are checking looking for specific niche, heritage or new hybrid seeds. This is a good sign that spring is near. Two new racks of seeds … Continue reading

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