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Snuggle up with Burlap

Not you of course, but on chilly days like this don’t you like to curl up in a cozy blanket and a hot cup of cocoa. Well, so do your plants (except the cocoa of course). The temperature is dropping and … Continue reading

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Voles, Meet the Black Hole Trap.

Sick of having your lawn and garden looking like this? Try the Black Hole Trap. It actually works. Simply find a fresh mound of dirt that they have kindly made in the middle of you garden, lawn or field. Remove … Continue reading

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Rub-a-dub, For More Than Just Your Tub!

Let’s talk about chores. Here’s where you may be prompted to high-tail it to searching something infinitely more interesting. Like the latest t.v. reality show – Hairy Bikers anyone? – but bear with me. I don’t know if there are … Continue reading

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Kal Hygenics by Chemac

 How we get through our day … Sometimes sitting at a computer all day can be a pain in the neck… Chemac’s Muscle Butter is essential for soothing sore muscles. Paper cuts? No problem – Healing Ointment to the rescue. … Continue reading

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Chemac’s sales double in July 2011

          It always fun working with a business whose products perform, are good value, and safer that conventional products for the environment and the users. Chemac’s products are being discovered. It reminds us of “instant” superstars … Continue reading

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Chemacs Products are winning new customers!

Based on being great value, Chemac’s products are earning the respect of the clients who use the products. We are receiving testimonials, and re-orders daily. We love hearing about how our clients are using the products and their satisfaction with … Continue reading

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An Engaging Day – Full on Adventure

Every once in a while there are days that are beyond full on, and this proved to be one of them. 6:30 AM was the Grace Bible Church Mens group Breakfast with an excellent talk on Food for the Hungry … Continue reading

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