Briteland Wins 2011 Green Business of the Year!

We left the annual Greater Vernon Chamber Business Excellence awards on Saturday evening both excited and humbled.

As the recipient of Green Business of the Year we have a few thank you’s we would like to acknowledge.

Our first thank you has to go out to the person that nominated us for 2011 Green Business of the Year.  Though you are anonymous, without your belief in what we do at Briteland it would have been impossible to win this award. To be nominated for a Business Excellence award is a feat in its own right, the process for nomination is lengthy and it takes a great effort on the part of the nominator to process.  Thank you again for your committment to greener business practices, and recognizing that by offering eco-friendly alternatives to products, Briteland is working to make the world a greener place.

When our nomination package came we were ecstatic, just to be nominated was a large honour in its own right.  We now had the daunting task of trying to figure out, “Why should we win Green Business of the Year?”  That and about 30 other questions rattled through our heads and we never thought it would be so large a feat.  We sifted through our business to find the most relevent products and practices that make us a contender for green business of the year.  Whether it was, offering Eco-Friendly alternatives for cleaning, farming, food service and more, or through our local initiatives in composting and food waste management at public events, like the IPE, it quickly became apparent that our progress in the green world has greatly accelerated over the past few years.  After a length of time we decided we’d put as much into the package as we could fit and shipped it back to the Chamber for review. 

When we found out we had been short listed as a finalist we were immensly honoured.  After making our short presentation video with Bruce Mol it was in the hands of the judges to make their decision.

It was both an honour and shock to hear our name called at the awards night. It goes without saying that it is truly a humbling experience to be selected as the 2011 Green Business of the Year.  There are so many great businesses in Vernon that are worthy of this award, we are very gratified to have been nominated and to chosen.  Thank you to the Vernon Chamber of Commerce and everyone who voted for us, we are proud to be part of a united, green Vernon.

Thank you again!


About Briteland

Briteland is your local everything store. We started business in 1984 in Vernon, and because of our friendly staff, product knowledge and versatility we are still going strong 26 years later. We stock products from irrigation, to farm and agriculture supply, feed, home and garden, snow solutions and more.
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